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DTDC India Details
Phone Number: +91 80 33004444
Website: http://dtdc.com/
Supported Countries: India

Our DTDC India tracking page lets you track your parcel without any hassle. However, the tracked location of parcel might be a little different from the actual location of your parcel. Also note that the DTDC India courier tracking result page may take a few seconds or minutes to fetch the location.

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About DTDC

Think logistics, think DTDC! Ever since its inception, DTDC has fast become a global business phenomenon in the logistics and supply chain industry. Operating in dozens of countries and connecting even more, DTDC has structured its foothold in the courier delivery service market and has championed their very same position through seamless technological integration to provide professional-grade couriering.


DTDC is well on its way to acquire the coveted million dollar company valuation due to its ever increasing global presence and massive customer base. Not only does the courier delivery company provide in-house domestic delivery, but also caters to organizations that need to transfer cargo intercontinental.

The wide range of products and services provided by DTDC is what set them aside from the rest of the competition:

Premium Express Product

This delivery service package ensures the timely delivery of important documents and parcels within a country within a day. This is what the company refers to as 'Next Day Business'. Packages can be sent according to zones, cities, regions with relative ease and convenience, because of the fluid DTDC courier tracking feature.

Supply Chain Expertise

DTDC is known in the industry as the delivery service that is always hustling. DTDC offers rail, road and air delivery services to never keep your supply chain choked. Its almost immediate team response sets the delivery en route at the earliest to keep the pipeline of its clients always in motion. These real-time services are enhanced with the use of advanced technology that is used to find optimum logistic solutions while providing the sender and receiver with accurate delivery time details. The receiver can track DTDC couriers automatically via SMS and email alerts.

Its Priority Customers can avail of independent, quick delivery via surface or air routes.
One of the significant reasons that DTDC has managed to stay a favorite in the market is the high level of security the company offers to all its products of all its customers. A real-time tracking module system in place always keeps the executives as well as the customers on their toes and updated about the logistics of the package.


The logistics dynamic in play in today's time is highly supported by technology. DTDC has embraced and adopted the gradual surge in technological innovations to make its operations more sustainable and fluid. With the use of Enterprise Resource Planning, DTDC has been effective in generating solutions to combat logistical bottlenecks. Real-time tracking and tracing of deliveries keeps the organization administration as well as the customers up to date with the whereabouts of the consignment. DTDC courier tracking is also facilitated with the use of end-to-end management of parcels and packages.

Besides offering tech-based solutions to cater to a customer's problem, DTDC offers a broad scale suite of applications for its franchises. A web portal enables all the franchisees to connect with the company on common ground. The DTDC tracking form above lets you track any DTDC courier instantly.

Another on-delivery feature that DTDC offers is an image scan as proof of delivery. This acts as a token of confirmation to the sender regarding the delivery of their package.
DTDC offers its clients with fleet management, warehouse management and Human Resources management software to help track their delivery activities as well as streamline and improve the supply chain structure. A secure combination of technology and real-time physical business has helped propel DTDC into the higher rungs of industry-grade corporate logistic entities.

DTDC as a company provides a range of services catering to businesses and organizations of a wide variety. Whether it is a medium scale enterprise or a multinational, DTDC's connectivity can provide the fruitful supply chain and delivery options for all kinds and purposes:

Cross-border Management

DTDC's experience and connectivity facilitate smooth cross border logistics. Its resources are used not only to provide a pickup and delivery service, but also to fabricate an integrated, wholesome supply chain mechanism. Right from strategic logistical decisions to economical distribution, DTDC offers the entire package at competitive rates. This is what sets DTDC apart from the rest in the business; quality delivered at the right price.

Integrated Technological Platform

Technology runs in DTDC's veins. Each of its logistical operations is integrated with the use of state-of-the-art technology. Its customized IT platforms provide as a portal for its clients to handle all their business management operations. Front-end and back-end software allows efficient inventory management, warehouse adequacy, vendor status and channel and order management.


For an effective distribution, it is necessary for all network partners to be in conciliation with the parent company. DTDC's online multi-vendorship model enables all its networking partners to coordinate on a common portal to facilitate a faster and smoother distribution. This helps to reduce the rift between customers, DTDC and its associate partners.

Warehouse Management

The DTDC's warehouse management framework provides functional facilities to yield an optimum order and delivery service mechanism. These models can be fabricated and customized to suit individual client's needs to effectively cater to thousands of orders on each day. A seamless integration between the physical side of logistics and an efficient technological platform offers time-effective results. These aspects have made DTDC a profitable yet highly effective game player in the logistics industry. If you are not sure about your parcel status, just DTDC tracking form above.

Holding a direct business presence in 23 countries and a global network in well over 240 countries, DTDC's unique partnership business model has stationed them as one of the best courier services in the world. Its multi-vendor management model along with a host of networking partners across the globe enables DTDC to provide on time courier services of packages of almost all sizes via any mode of transport.
The courier service stalwart's expertise in organizing a widescale supply chain network with optimum logistic and management resources makes them one of the most trusted service providers in the world.

Whether its domestic transfer of packages within the country of India or an intercontinental delivery of packages, DTDC has got you covered. Technological prowess at competitive rates and a proven track record ensures your package is in safe hands. So you can trust DTDC blindly.

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